Question Newly Built PC Boot looping

Dec 30, 2019
I built a new PC to replace my 7 year old rig for Christmas and despite me being new to building a PC I was able to get the PC to boot, got through the Windows 10 install via a USB I've used before, and was installing Windows updates, when my PC bluescreened, and now it won't get past BIOS without boot looping.

Specifically, I was updating to Windows 10 1909, as the version on the USB was at the time not current (~ a year old.)

Since then, I have verified my RAM and channels are working by testing each stick and slot separately with no success. I double checked my CPU fan was plugged in properly, PSU cables were correct for the ATX and 12V ATX slots, and even went so far as to completely rebuild the system again but the computer is still turning on for ~5 seconds then shutting off only to turn back on again. I have checked the SSD I am using on a different computer and it has Windows installed successfully.

I am only able to get to BIOS and even then I have tried resetting my BIOS settings and changing the boot order back to the Windows USB to try and troubleshoot but still boot looping.

I am thoroughly out of ideas as to how to fix this issue, and have tried many solutions on youtube or other online forums but to no avail.

This is my parts list:

Any help would be much appreciated! Thank you for your time.