Question Newly built PC crashes continuously

Dec 4, 2019
I recently built a PC with a Ryzen 7 2700
RX 590 gpu, 16 gb ram ddr4 and gigabyte b450m ds3h. As for storage I installed my old HDD (that had windows installed) and 970 EVO Plus m2 ssd.
At the begining I booted form the old HDD but despite installing new drivers windows crashed all the time so I decided to install a fresh copy of windows on the m2 ssd. I downloaded the ISO file from microsoft (64-bit, November 2019 update) and created a bootable usb with rufus.Then I successfully installed a new copy of windows 10 on my m2 ssd and linked my microsoft account in order to be activated . Unfortunately the problems persisted as I consistently got BSoD (kernel security check failure, system service exception and other memory related errors). I tried installing every possible driver. I installed andrenaline from amd for the gpu ,the chipset drivers ,the audio drivers, network adapters...The device manager was clean(no indication of a faulty driver) and I also installed every windows update. To this point I am still getting these crashes and I don't know what to do .Sometimes the pc freezes and it requietes a hard reset and other times I get BSoD. I have also run windows memory diagnostics, reseted the pc again on the m2 ssd,run sfc /scannow on the local disk, completely removed other drives from the pc ,reinstalled the rams..In addition to all the above the crashes seem to be random. I might be in youtube or playing a game or being idle and it manages to crash.