Newly Built PC Crashing Help!!! Pls


May 27, 2015
Hello Everyone,
This may be long but hear me out, please.

Okay, so my PC worked well for about 6 months and then it began crashing randomly. It would crash within 2 hours now it crashes within an hour. When it crashes it loses signal to the monitor but all the fans (CPU, and GPU fans) keep spinning. Also, all of the USB slots are fully functional. I am forced to restart it and then when I go back on the internet it detects that it crashed and it asks to restore pages.

These are my parts... PC Parts
Troubleshooting I have done...
- I have switched ram to different slots with little effect to the problem,
currently have it at slot 1. which is recommended.
- I have switched GPU from different slots (PCie2 pcie3) currently have it in
pcie3 slot, which is recommended.
- Have tried changing hdmi cables with no effect
- Have tried switching monitors, no effect
- I updated all my drivers
- I updated windows

- I ran memtest and it was all good
- I ran the extended windows memory diagnostic test twice and no problems were detected. What was interesting was, when I ran this it did not crash and it lasted 5 hours running the test. So since it didn't crash within the hour it made me think that maybe it's not the GPU because typically it would have crashed, unless it doesn't rely on GPU to run the test.
- I have left the computer running while on the bios screen and it crashed within the hour
- I took out the battery from the motherboard and put it back in
- I removed my SSD card and my computer booted to the BIOS
- Lastly, I tried pinging the ip address of my PC using my laptop during the crash and interestingly it replied to all meaning that technically the computer was powered but it had no signal.

Most of this is leading to GPU defect or failure but the only thing that seems odd is when I run extended Windows memory diagnostic the PC doesn't crash which is weird because if it were GPU failure wouldn't the PC crash while running this test??
I'm not sure anymore.

I guess my question is what could be the problem?
any tips are appreciated. Thanks in advance.