Question Newly Built PC Freezes randomly

May 2, 2021
This problem doesn't happen every time, but could happen 2-3 times a week, and its kind of random. My pc would like slowly freeze and become unresponsive when I'm on chrome with or without a few Word/Powerpoint open. The freeze isn't like instant, at first the page will be glitchy/laggy, and then mouse clicks wont get a response, and then completely freeze. At first I thought it was cause I opened too many tabs, but I then realized it made no difference. Sometimes it can freeze when I just have one tab with youtube or linkedin, or when I'm doing hw with multiple tabs, and bunch of microsoft word opened. Most of time I can have youtube open or few tabs open and it doesnt freeze. Also It never seems to freeze when I'm gaming with games like valorant, or league of legends. Also doesnt freezes when I ran like 10 emulators that took up like 15.6gb of my 16gb ram. I don't where to start trouble shooting, so i hoping someone can offer me some advice. Thank you!