[SOLVED] Newly built PC having crash issues in games ?

May 15, 2022
Hi all, a few days ago I built the following system:

Mobo: Asus Z690-E
CPU: i7-12700k
GPU: Evga RTX 3080
RAM: Corsair DDR5 32gb 5600Mhz
PSU: Corsair rm850x

I've updated all drivers to newest versions of everything I can think of short of the bios which i was going to do tomorrow.

Everything runs great except for a few issues -

Issue 1: sometimes the monitor will not receive any signal on power up of the pc. It's a samsung g7 that "intelligently" goes on standby without a signal and turns on when the pc powers on, so i dont know if it's a separate monitor issue or related to the second issue. Resetting the pc via the power button usually solves it.

Issue 2: more frustrating, when playing games of any kind, I get really frequent crashes. No error message, just ctd. Sometimes the game will run fine for hours, other times I can't go 5 minutes without a crash.

Any ideas?
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