Newly built PC making a weird noise occasionaly


Jul 19, 2012
Hi there

Just recently about a few weeks ago I built a new PC, its pretty much all perfect except for one thing. When my computer is in use it will make a weird kind of rubber screeching noise. This doesn't happen all the time though, it usually happens for a few seconds once every few minutes. Everything in the PC is brand new except the Graphics card (which is 9 months old). There are no performance issues at all, its just that the noise is a bit annoying.
Sounds like coil buzz, It would change with load. It should not cause any harm. If you have power switched on and off though you as fast as these coils, you would vibrate too.

Its kind of a luck of the draw thing. Some times you get luck others not so much. If you listen around the system with a rolled up paper or paper towel tube, you may be able to find the source.

Check the following.

-Around the cpu socket. Some times changing power settings can help as it reduced the constant voltage fluctuations modern cpu power systems do(this does help save power).
-Video card. Its basically the same thing. Video cards are also adjusting power all the time to avoid unwanted heat/power waste.
-Power supply. While not always fatal, this can also happen on both the power supply and another component together. Its ones of those interactions that sucks but normally does not cause any damage.


Jul 14, 2006
Of all the computer parts, the only thing that can make such noise is the fans.

It can be one or some of the whatever fans that u have inside the case.

I had a similar experience (about 5years ago) with my firend's computer who's graphic card died coz the bearing of the fan motor is spoiled and eventually, it stop working, causing the graphic card to over-heat.


Nov 17, 2009
Does it sound like a Cd-rom laser changing position constantly? I dont have a cd-rom on my pc and my Corsair hx750 is making a very similar noise, just before it prepares it self to go 100% cpu load...

I think it is about some setting in bios that adjusts power going into the cpu...just read about it somewhere, cant find the exat article on how to turn the adjustment off.
I recommend you start a new thread in the Systems section because this one is very old now.

The power options tend to be speed step for intel and cool n quiet for AMD. Be warned, sometimes disabling features like this will cause the cpu to run warmer.

C1E(C1E cleared up noise on my X58 system) and other C states may also be what you are looking for.