Question Newly built PC restarting randomly!


Dec 21, 2012
Hi Guys,

Having issues with a newly built PC that randomly restarts no matter what I do on it after approx 10 minutes.
Usually it restarts when downloading updates or software so not under heavy load.
  • Aorus 390z Elite
  • i5 9600KF (not overclocked)
  • Corsair Vengance Pro DDR4 16GB (2x8) 2666mhz
  • Corsair 550W PSU
Seems to be working fine when only 1 memory stick is plugged into the channel closest to the CPU.
When I try to plug the other stick into channel 3 it would restart again after about 10 minutes when downloading something etc.

So I tried:
  1. Ran Memtest - no errors.
  2. Enabled/Disabled XMP Profile
  3. Changed the memory speeds and tried different variations from Auto to 1333mhz to 2666mhz (btw what should it be set to? Auto?)
  4. Updated BIOS to the newest version.
  5. Formatted the C Drive with new windows installed.
  6. Different ram channel variations. It did NOT restart only when 1 stick is plugged into 1 slot (closest to the CPU).
I doubt it's faulty RAM at this stage as 1 stick works fine. My bet is either on the Mobo OR the PSU but I'm not sure what other tests I should run?