Build Advice Newly Builty Machine - Boot Cycle - No Info

Jun 20, 2019

I took the plunge and decidedto build a new PC before my first child arrives and I have no money! :)

Component List:

Built my my machine with what I would deem not problems however I was skepticle about the first boot as I always am as I've built 4/5 PC's over the years and every single one has always had some faulty component or issue.

So this is my issue:


The initial "click" is me turning the machine on, nothing comes up on the screen, and then the machine turns itself off and then restarts itself again without any input from me. Same problem nothing comes up on the screen everything lights up and spins but no info.

Would help if something actually came up on the screen but I don't even get that far.

Any advice would be appreciated, I've already tried changing the RAM around to see if it could be faulty RAM, my concern is it might be the i9 which I hope not because its the only part from ARIA and their returns procedure is terrible.


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Hi, It might be that the CPU (if R0 stepping) does require a BIOS update.
A Z390 wouldn't necessarily need a BIOS update to use with a 9900K. To me this sounds like it could be more of a defective PSU issue or something could have got bent / broken during the installation. But the only thing that you could do to prove that is to strip everything down and start looking at everything including the CPU socket prior to rebuilding.