Jul 22, 2013
After a desktop crash i had to reinstall win 7 via disk i purchased. it has not been touched in 5 years until a couple of weeks ago when like I said, i had to reinstall it. All has been fine until recently i was starting to get pop ups daily to remind me that i had to validate it. I never was questioned about this the first time I used this disc. I have one more day according to the pop ups. I went on line to validate it and all is asked me at first was to check my date,time and time zone. I did and all was correct. Then i got a code number which i googled and it says to call Microsoft. ...well calling them is like finding water out of a rock....all i kept getting outfits using Microsofts name in charging for asked questions. Now, I resent paying for something that i paid for 5 yrs ago just to have this validated. I had no problem the first time after entering my Product keys, why now? Should i ignore the pop ups and see if win 7 stops or is there any other recourse?


Windows 7 was End of Support 1/14/2020.
I believe the activation (validation) servers have been shut down. There is no place to validate it anymore.
Your only real recourse is to upgrade to Windows 10 which you might still be able to do for free with your Windows 7 activation key.

-Wolf sends