News Newly Launched GeForce GTX 1050 Ti Lands in Japan, for $200


Nov 2, 2014
IOW they want roughly the eBay price for a good used one [edit: or New Old Stock]. Got it.

If you have something like this lying around and not using it, definitely, it's worth liquidating. Buy low, sell high. If you're still using it and want to build new, save some cash by doing a nice board and using the olde card for now. Chances are (as I found with an even older 750ti), it'll work way better with newer PCIe and the rest - what it was designed for - than with what was on the old board. Yeah, now the GPU will be the bottleneck, but that's probably an improvement. Then when (if) GPU prices become more rational get something better.
IOW they want roughly the eBay price for a good used one [edit: or New Old Stock]. Got it.
The prices for hardware in Japan tends to be more expensive than it is in the US. For example:
  • This user on NVIDIA's forums complaining the GTX 1080 exceeds the equivalent of $1000 USD (note the post was 5 years ago)
  • A custom 1080 Ti launching for the equivalent of $1300 USD. Granted it has what appears to be hybrid cooling and hookups for a custom loop (with its own system provided), but even hybrid cooled GPUs in the US weren't that costly and as the article notes, is much more expensive than EVGA's highest end configuration for the card
  • This reddit post noting the launch prices for the RTX 20 and RTX 30 series. If you want the tl;dr
    • 2070 Super: 65,000 yen ($612) tax included
    • 2080 Super: 95,000 yen ($890) tax included
    • 3070: 80,000 + 10% tax = 88,000 yen ($830)
    • 3080: 110,000 + 10% tax = 121,000 yen ($1140)
So I don't find this surprising.