Next gen GPUS question


Apr 25, 2007
Ok so we know ATI and nVidia are launching dx11 gpus this year... there will probably be some games that will use some of its features (hw tesselation, shaders 5.0 blablabla) which is nice... more over, these cards will be 40nm which is great, but my question is: is there any chance they will launch a sub $150 or sub $100 dx11card this year? I want to wait, but there's not a chance in hell I will buy a $399+ card... Thanks!


May 5, 2009
Why you don’t want to buy a $399+ card? Every man that respect himself must buy a graphic card that cost $500+ every year.

Also PC gaming is not an expensive hobby actually is a very cheap. Even if your salary is only 1500$ you CAN afford to spend 3000$ every year for a new PC (250$ per month 250x12=3000$) really 250$ per month is nothing.
Get a card now from a company that has a trade in program ex: BFG, EVGA, etc.....then when the dX11 cards come out, trade the card for one of the new ones (dx11), but make sure you have proper timing due to the fact that these companies offer between 90 and 100 days before your trade in expires.....

Haha very, very funny...... you should be a comedian......

i can't afford that, i usually make about 6k a year since im a college student, though i do spend about 1200 a year
I'm sure the plan for ATI is to release the $199 card and the $299-349 card just like they did with the launch of the 4850 and 4870. The +$500 card will then come out latter and will be an X2 card of whatever the $299-349 card. While that may have been the plan low 40nm yields probably means that the $199 card will be delayed, once once yields get better AND much of the existing inventory is cleared then the cards below $150 will start rolling out


Mar 27, 2008

haha i didnt even notice he had 3 of them till you mentioned it!! ill take the 3 gtx280 out of your hand and ill buy you a nice single next gen dx11 card. ;]