Next Gen Graphics and actual video cards


Jan 24, 2013
Hi my question is simple, I'm not very experienced with what next gen means for PC gaming, I know what next gen is but does this affects pc users like console users? because I'm planning to buy an ATI HD 7950 with 3 GB of memory but if I buy it, once the next gen games come will I have to buy another videocard? will it work with directx 12?


It's not the same with PC's, they have many different customizable components, so you could have different "generations" in the same computer. To answer you specific questions, there is no DX12 to support, and existing cards can only support what exists at the time they were made. As for the 7950, it's a great card, but how any current or future games will perform is dependant on those "other" components, largely the CPU.


Jul 8, 2012
Waiting for the next big thing in technology is a fool's game. Whatever you buy and whenever you buy it, something better probably isn't too far off in the future. Have a budget, buy the best components your money can buy with regard to price/performance, and have fun with it.


Sep 21, 2012

Its not fully a fools game when its a few months around the corner..Now if i said wait for the 9000/800 series then yea thats a fools game. We all kinda know ati/nvidia is about to drop something and everyones waiting for it. For someone to buy a 7000/600 series now its cool it will last but ive seen so many issue to where people buy the card right when something is about to drop and they either 1. sell the card they just bought or 2. do the step up program which will cost more in shipping providing the card is in the step up list. Yes tho the current gen cards will hold you but as of now where we at we close to seeing either nv or ati drop a bomb i would wait untill we get further info then choose