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Question Next Gen intel MoBO and chips...


Oct 6, 2017
Hi... I can't find the article now but online and I'm pretty sure around Tom's Sites I found an article on the next gen motherboards and the propsed specs or at least a hint of what to expect with the intel chipset in the next iteration. I'd like to get some more information on the specs or maybe a link to the article (if it sounds familiar) if I could.

Any information would be super great! Thanks!


Which class of hardware?

Haven't heard much on the consumer side except that mobile cannon lake (10nm) isn't really an improvement. Typically this is the architecture that makes it in for S-class desktop chips. So a minor die shrink of Kaby/Coffee lake essentially. I'm guessing frequencies will be an issue, they had such a long run with Sky, Kaby, and Coffee that we got used to the high numbers, but it always takes them a bit to re-optimize on a new process node.

CascadeLake X is also an iteration of existing designs, but sticking with 14nm. Leaks show that it is still trailing Threadripper and Epyc chips by a small amount (and still pretty much costs the same we can assume)

Not really heard any news on 10nm making it in to anything significant, and all the above is late this year into next year. So, basically expect nothing new from Intel. Or a new architecture on 10nm/DDR5 sometime in 2022 (Or possibly 7nm if they just skip straight to that).


Cometlake is the only 'rumor' I've heard for desktop, another 14nm refresh of the Skylake line. I believe that is what the 10th gen desktop chips will be. Basically they are introducing a 10 core CPU and the supposed socket is LGA1200

Tigerlake is probably going to be a thing for laptops in 2020, yes, so expect desktop in 2021 if they bother with a follow up to Cometlake. Given their production difficulties, it will be interesting to see how it goes.

With LGA1200 coming, I'll probably go ahead and buy an i7-9700k and hack it into my Z270 board and call it done until DDR5.