Next generation graphics price drop?


Jul 9, 2009
I am all set to buy my new system! But I am wondering if there is a high probability of a significant price drop in my GFX cards when the next generation is released. I am also wondering when the next generation will be released. I have had trouble finding a good source with recent information about this matter. Your help is appreciated!
Yes, the prices will drop, by how much...Nobody knows, there is too many variables involved.
Nobody knows for certain when either, although most information says ATI will be by October, probably simultaneously with the release of Win7 with Nvidia by Q1 of 2010, because they are having some design/fabrication problems.
Your choices: Build now and da** them all! Or build now and install a 'placekeeper' card like a HD4870 or GTS250; Something fairly cheap that you can replace without too many worries later or double up with CF/SLI if the new stuff dissapoints.
+1^ re: the graphics cards.

Re: cpu/mobo . . . i5 will be introduced shortly, and that will either (a) add a good option for a build, or (b) reduce the prices of the current build options, or (c) both.
Newer high end products tend to cause the price of everything below to take a hit. The two cards I expect to see hit the hardest are the 4870X2 and 295GTX, as based on the specs of the next generation cards, they will be unable to hold a >$350 price point.


Mar 13, 2008
It seems like there really isn't that much information floating around about the next-gen cards. I'm particularly interested in the HD58XX series, as it appears that the cards may in fact be smaller and still yield a noticeable performance increase. However, most of these articles were written around April 2009, so I'm wondering why we haven't heard anything new lately.
There's no reason to wait, prices always go down. About a month ago prices on midrange cards($100-200) took a nice drop. Take advantage of it either with one card or two(sli/xfire.) If you are waiting for prices to stop going down you'll be waiting forever.
Im guessing the price drop is for several reasons. ATI going for marketshare, new cards on the horizon, making room for similar perf on new gen, but 1 step down in performance, or, last gen would be 1 higher, same costs, or close.
1 good reason to wait would be power requirements. If youre set on say a 4850/g250 performing card, if you do wait, youll get that same performance using less power with the next gen cards, plus the added DX level support