Question NF-A14 Black fans with Halo LUX RGB Frames or UniFans

Jan 8, 2021
So here is a thinker going for a pure looks for my new build. I have the P500A phanteks case and I want to replace the front three fans with some PWM fans.

I found an online retailer who is actually selling SL140 UniFans for MSRP and three with a controller would cost $116

I was also thinking about just getting some NF-A14 black fans from Noctua and throwing some of the halos lux rgb frames on those total cost would be $155 give or take a bit.

As for RGB in the build it will just be these front intake fans the 1 rear exhaust fan the normal RGB strip on the p500a PSU cover and the MB RGB on the MSI tomahawk and I am adding a couple RGB strips on the underside of the case to give it some under glow and then whatever GPU I land might have some minor RGB on it.

What are some thoughts and opinions on this? I have never used either fan before, but I know Noctua is the best so you are paying a premium for those fans.