Oct 13, 2007
I'm going to buy a new computer, and I saw that all the P35/X38 by Intel support crossfire, and I prefer SLI since I might buy another graphic card in a year or so. My current choices are: Asus P5K3 Deluxe WIFI-AP, Intel P35 or Mainboard Gigabyte GA-X38T-DQ6, Intel X38, Socket 775, Dual DDR3 1600, PCI-E 2.0, SATA2, RAID, ATX. Are there any motherboards with nForce SLI around those prices by ASUS or Gigabyte (asus preferred) that will work as good?


Apr 26, 2007
yes there are boards that have the 680i chipset by both Asus and Gigabyte, they support sli of 2x PCIe 16x SLI, they don't support PCIe 2.0 like x38 does, i don't know whether or not x38 mobos will support SLI there were rumors for a while that they would
the next generation of gpu's are PCIe 2.0 though so i guess i would go with the x38 chipset


Doesn't make biz sense for nVidia to allow Intel chipsets to run SLI. Why would anyone want nVidia boards then? Mostly cuz of SLI.

Though there is a hacked driver to run SLI on CF on Intel P965 boards.

If you can't wait, get EVGA 680i SLI if you plan to run SLI, or P35 like Asus P5K3 Deluxe WIFI-A if you don't. If you can wait a month or two, wait for 780i, which is a slight upgrade to 680i. The next nVidia chipset worth the wait would be 790i.