nforce4 performance questions -8800GTS


Feb 17, 2007
I just got my MSI 8800GTS in the mail. I haven't installed it yet, but I was wondering if the fact that I have an older system:
-ASUS A8N Sli Prem.
-Opteron 170 @2.9Ghz
-2G DDR 400

will this signifigantly affect the performace of my sweet new card?
I assume that the 8800 will be fast as S*%t even if it is held back a bit by my other components.
What are the anvantages of newer chipsets ie. 680?

Has anyone else installed this card on this motherboard?

This sucks! The card is sitting at home calling my name. I'm at work now. I might get to play with it tomorrow if we get some snow and school is cancelled. I'm so impatient. The worst part is looking at the UPS tracking page every couple of hours to see where my card is. Then when it says it's "out for delivery", I can barely sleep (I sleep the day 'cause I work the overnight shift). When I finally get the hardware, whatever it may be, it never quiet satisfies me the way I hoped.

-Anyone else have these problems? We should start a twelve step group. Gearhead's Anonymous . . . no, that's not a good idea. I'd have to stop than!

LONG LIVE AMD. (I'm a traitor for getting the 8800, but I'm also an addict)


Jan 25, 2006
i dont believe that the 8800gts would be slower.. but only held back by the hardware that a nforce4 can support..

as far as i know ddr400 is not going to make any significant different to performance but the cpu will be lower than Core2s etc.. but the physical port should operate at the same speed if im not mistaken..

but im no expert.. maybe some others can give you some more info...