Question nfs payback not launching


Feb 18, 2018
hey everyone I have just spent £17 on nfs payback as I am getting a brand new steering wheel for it. the game installed and I thought yes lets see how my pc handles it!! all behold the game doesn't load!!!! when I press play origin closes then after 2 seconds max origin app pops straight back up. I have done every single thing on the ea answer forums nothing what so ever has worked! it says that the min requirement for the cpu would be 4 cores but I have seen plenty of gameplay of the game being played on a dual core chip with also my mate playing on a Pentium g5500 which is also dual core.
does anyone have a solution for this problem as I really don't want to have wasted money buying a game then having a £150 steering collection dust not being able to use.

PC specs:
gtx 950 2gb
intel Pentium g4400
1x 8gb ram
cd drive
1tb hdd

any help would mean so much as I am stressing out and its 2 am in the morning!

thanks in advance.


Minimum system requirements for PC are usually quite specific. If it says the minimum is a 4-core processor a 2-core one may not simply work.

It also says a minimum 3.6Ghz CPU clock speed. Your mate's g5500 runs at 3.8Ghz but your g4400 runs at 3.3Ghz. Also his CPU has 2 cores and 4 threads but yours is 2 cores 2 threads.

It might be a matter of your system not meeting the requirements if indeed there no software glitch or bug that can be resolved. Maybe others can shed more light on this.

Some people say setting Windows virtual memory/page file to 10GB might help.