NFS World & Battlefield 3


Dec 26, 2011
hello im Brandon,

i play battlefield 3 and nfs world (need for speed world) and was just wondering, im enjoying need for speed world and everything, for now, i just can't figure out how to buy another car or add body kits, i know there's rental and buying it with the speed points (i think that's what there called) but how do i actually buy it with the ingame cash???

and on battlefield 3, i was just wondering if anyone wants someone to play with, i have about 3 friend on origin and i really want to improve, i usually play later at night (about 9pm up) (australian time), just to help improve, and i also think it would make the game a bit more fun

if you want to play or just chat add 'Braxeo'

thanks for your time :)

if you wanna meet other aus gamers try newgame+ they do a tv show dedicated to gaming and there forums will be a good place to meet other gamers as well as the programs presenters who all play on 1 platform or another...
they are the level 3 team but have re-branded, there site isnt finished yet but should be soon...
even if you dont join give there tv show a look at