NIC priority and IP issue


Oct 6, 2011

My PC updated I think on Monday and I have been having some weird issues since then. To start, my login takes forever (domain computer). Then when I finally log in I'm not connected to any network resources but I *can* access the internet.

I figured out that the reason why is that I have a 172.16.X.X address, where I should have a 10.x.x.x address. This address is not correct for our network but for some reason, it just automatically programs itself because it is not set to static. I'm on a subnet with only vlan 10.X.X.X for DHCP, we don't even have a 172 scope. Why is it pulling this address?

I do have another adapter that pulls a 10.X.X.X address as it should but apparently the other adapter is taking priority and "breaking" my connection.

So my PC has to take a very long time to login (DC contact timeout) and then can't access anything (due to wrong automatic IP).

Also, with this new update I can't set the adapter priority anymore. The option is just gone. Why is that? You can see the image on the left is my PC missing the priority option and on the right is my server that still has it.