Nightmare, kind of


Aug 6, 2008
I keep getting a blue screen. Uncorrectable hardware error, I tried downloading all the drivers i could. Anyone know where to start for this problem? System is newly built, Gigabyte Z68xp-ud4, Corsair Vengeance 16 GB, i5-2500k, HD 4870 1G, WD Velociraptor 300 GB. Netgear wireless WNDA3100 USB pos i hate it but i dont have wired jacks in my room. Everything is up to date as far as main components go i have the Catalyst Suite for my ATI, intalled everything on the Cd that came with my mobo, downloaded the drivers for the Netgear P.O.S. and yea, not sure whats going on, I appreciate any help like always guys, thanks!


Aug 5, 2009
may sound stupid, but do you have up to date drivers for keyboard or mouse?

i use to get blue screens too, and it was my mouse.

you should be able to scan memory in os and see if there are any errors, if not there should be something bootable for that

for hdd, if that's sending a bluescreen, you should see something in smart, or get a new sata cable, that was another problem i had, a bad sata cable, granted that also sent my hdd into pio mode.

stress the video card, there there should be something besides furmark that can do this, and have it run for an hour.

if none of those show any problems, i suggest getting a usb/dvd distro of linux, i suggest knoppix, and see if that has problems too.

thats just what i would do. post results of everything you test.