Question Nightmare with LG WH14NS40 optical burner after firmware update ?

Nov 24, 2021
LG WH14NS40 optical burner worked fantastic until I upgraded the Firmware from 1.03 to 1.05
My operating system is Win7/64. Now I read that firmware 1.05 is ONLY for Win10.
So, I downloaded V1.03 so I could go back. No luck. The installation program won't let you go back, it just tells you that 1.03 is older than 1.05 and it won't go any further. Thanks LG, STUPID, STUPID, STUPID. The least they could have done was check my OS and warn me not to install the update. Now I have a $75 piece of junk. And NO, I'm not upgrading to Win10. Far too many problems reported.

Does anyone know of a fix ?
I'm aware of the downgrade software online, but $89. for a maybe is ridiculous to fix a drive that I can replace for $50.
Does anyone have an LG support email link? Their support pages just go around in circles.
I just bought my wife $3000 worth of LG appliances and have had good luck with them in the past, but this experience has really put me off.