Nintendo Looks Into Its Closet Of Game Systems Past

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I've said it before and I'll say it again...interest in retro gaming is increasing. All the crap that is released lately like broken games and games that are effectively online only with little single player are being skipped by many. Especially considering today so many idiot kids are online cheating, trolling, cussing, etc.

Today's brats have just taken away from the joy of online gaming. Thankfully I still have my Sega Genesis, N64, and two retro PC gaming rigs to re-live the days when gaming was great.

I don't know if that is true, but I kinda hope so. I used to play Halo online and I occasionally like to play co-op on games like Dynasty Warriors, but outside of that I exclusively play video games that I can play alone. Anything that is MMO or attempts to push you into interacting with other players I won't look twice at. My biggest hope for gaming industry is that it will focus less on multiplayer and begin to see the value in single-player games again. Unfortunately, I doubt that will happen though.
Retro does seem to be pretty popular, both in gaming and other things. Audio for instance, a lot of people look back at things like 8 track, cassette, cd etc and have a good laugh but vinyl records which predate all of those have steadily been becoming more popular. According to Fortune they're at a 28yr high for sales as of April this year. Self printing cameras like the polaroid were featured at CES 2016.

I don't think it will turn people away from current game titles but despite the horrible (by today's standards) graphics the old games are nostalgic for many and offered a lot of fun game play.

I've got to agree with 10tacle on some points. The newer games are being shoved out before they're completely polished, glitches, massive updates on day one, poor optimization. That's the sort of rookie mistakes I'd expect from indie games, not AAA titles. It's disheartening when gamers get all excited and look forward to something only to find out there's stuttering, frame drops all over the place, the game won't get above 20-30fps on the new 144mhz monitor they purchased even when using top tier hardware.

I don't personally play a lot of games online in multiplayer, just a small handful of flash based games through social media. The cheating, trolling and general behavior between opponents from other teams/clans is ridiculous.

They say shooter type games invoke violence? I've seen the most generic of games similar to farmville incite people to the point of threats and the type of language that would make a gangster flinch and road rage seem like a quiet drive through the country. Hate to see what it's like on a real time combat game with all the trash talk.


I have made more by selling and collecting retro video games than by putting 50k$ in investments.

I have games like Super Mario RPG, Super Metroid, Super Castlevania, Mega Man X, Contra Alian Wars, Brainlord, Lufia II, Secret of Mana, Soulblazer, Final Fantasy III... to name a few

All complete and in incredible condition. My collection worth easily 5000$ and is easily to recoup on. I bought when the frenzy was starting in 2010-2011 and I made 3X my initial investment in value.

Famicom is actually the current spelling. It is short for Family Computer (or ファミリーコンピュータ in Japanese Katakana). I know it seems strange, as we think of them today as consoles, but Nintendo originally viewed it as basically a specialized gaming Computer, sort of like Amiga's Commador 64. That's part of why it has the disk system shown above. Nintendo also sold a Famicom Modem as well, which allowed you to connect to early Internet services. Those features never made it into the North American NES, otherwise we might have viewed it more as a computer too.

Anyway, glad you liked the article.


Dec 17, 2015
You know IINUYAYASHA74, Nintendo second party MonolithSoft did that with Xenoblade X. The game is respectful of if you don't want to interact with others by allowing you to turn off posts by other users and aside from making some later items easier to get you could just simply turn it off.

The game already is massive as it is, so turning it off just means grinding for late game items is harder (and if you are grinding for the best stuff, you are doing it wrong).

Just make sure to look up a guide for this game. The combat system isn't explained too much and it is complex.
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