Question Nintendo Switch somehow interfering with the 5G on my laptop

Mar 2, 2021
I'm having a bizarre issue which is happening too often to be a coincidence. I connect to my Nintendo Switch on our 5G network when it allows me too as the 2G is too painfully slow if not right next to the router. When I'm on my Switch, I generally put my laptop to sleep. When I wake my laptop after playing on my Switch, sometimes straight away or sometimes after a while, the 5G will not work on the laptop until I reset the router, but the 2G continues to work. At first I sometimes get a message on a white screen on Edge saying "error: the network has changed" (or similar). Then it disconnects and either refuses to reconnect or does, but says connected (no internet) and acts like I'm not connected to any network. I suspect there is some sort of interference going on between the WIFI of the Switch and laptop, but am honestly not knowledgeable enough to know exactly what. Several internet searches have only really yielded one similar question on a forum which went unanswered.