Question Nintendo Switch to PC (1440p) — what are my options?

Jan 9, 2021
Hey all. I wanna play my Switch on my 1440p monitor (1 monitor setup). Also want to stream for my buddies on Discord.

What have you tried to get something like this to work?
I imagine it will be some combination of:

  1. Elgato HD60
  2. and/or Cheap USB capture card
  3. mClassic by Marseille
  4. OBS/Similar software
In to my:
  1. PC (Ryzen 3600)
  2. and/or LG GL83A-B (1440p)
Obviously it would be best to buy all of the things listed, but I want to know if you got a setup working with less. Trying to play/stream games without it looking awful and spending hundreds of dollars… unless I have to. Looking to get scrappy.


Yes that is what you need, capture card with pass-thought for the display, input to that with streaming software to send online.

If you want to go cheap, point your phone to the display and stream that camera output through Facebook. or whatever Don't know if Discord has a phone/tablet app, but they probably do.

Of course audio will just be picked up from the room sound unless you connect a mic/headset to the phone, can do same thing with a webcam on the computer, then you can mix in the audio through the PC inputs with a mic, will sound better. It won't look as good as a direct video stream into a capture card, but then you don't need to buy a capture card.