Nintendo's NES Classic Edition Console Hands-On

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Feb 15, 2014
Or you can buy a RasberryPi, install RetroPie on it, get a wireless controller....all for about the same price and play any game u want.
I was always under the impression that the monitors/TVs themselves had chips inside that would upscale the image to its native resolution. I know the GPU of the PC/console can upscale, but I always thought there was that alternative for if the PC/console failed to upscale by itself, where the monitor would automatically do the dirty work then by sensing the resolution of the output.


At least on my 4K TV I have the single HDMI 2.0 port for 4K @ 60hz, the remaining 4 are normal 1.4 ports and handle lower resolutions a lot better. Would be a bit disappointed though to have 1080p not scale to the screen. Only resolution I have found that has issues is 640x480, for that I just run in 720 and deal with the borders.
Upscale to 4K in your HDTV settings. I guarantee that's there or else non-4K aware DVD, BluRay, gaming consoles, and uh... oh come on pretty much 95% of the HDTV input stuff is only 1080p capable but your HDTV can upscale.

There isn't a setting for this in my TV. It's an issue with the console. I use several devices connected to that TV. Wii U, Xbox 360, NES, SNES, Playstation 2, PCs, mini-PCs both ARM Android and x86 Windows based. This is only the second time this issue has occurred, and the first time was due to some outdated Intel HD Graphics drivers. When a wide selection of devices that render in 1080p or lower resolutions work flawlessly in full screen on the TV, then the issue is with the one device that it doesn't work on.
Yikes, those are short cables. I've seen the comparison of the cable lengths, the original nes controller cables were roughly 3x that length. Given the size of the tv's many people use in their living rooms these days that does create a problem. You don't want to be tethered to the tv screen that close.

They're currently out of stock but Nyko has cable extenders for $10 as well. It gives the extra 6ft of cable missing from the nes ce cables to make them 9ft long.

What would be nice is if other controllers came out for the classic edition. I know the original controllers are nostalgic but they suck. There couldn't be a more non-ergonomic controller anywhere and even atari's joysticks for the 2600 were more ergonomic lol.

Back in the day I used an nes max with the cyclops thumb pad and turbo buttons with a much nicer shape to it. It wouldn't connect to the new controller inputs though. Also used the nes advantage for a few games though that one had its issues too. The big platform base wasn't very friendly unless you had a table top to set it on or set it on your lap.

I guess the wireless controllers are an option but I'm not personally a fan. Weak batteries, dead batteries, signal glitch at the worst possible times, no thanks. I had a pair of wireless controllers for the original nes and they were a royal pia.

Great pics of the side by side size comparisons, the classic edition is a lot smaller than I pictured from photos of it by itself.


Apr 14, 2009
I wanna know how a source can prevent a TV from up scaling it. I could imagine the NES sending a 4k image and only drawing to a small portion of it. Which would be absurd for Nintendo to do and would still require it to set to send a 4k signal. The mood in the comments suggest a fair amount of skepticism to the claim that the image can't be upscaled. This being Tomshardware, I think a technical explanation is due.


Sep 21, 2016

How were you able to obtain it? It seems that many people bought it to resell it at a very high price since only a limited quantity of these consoles were made!

I think Nintendo should manufacture more as soon as possible, what do you think?

Either he sat outside Gamestop, Nintendo sent one to Tomshardware, or Tomshardware hired someone else who sat outside Gamestop.


Nov 16, 2016
just wondering what kind of lowlife game system such as Nintendo would trickle out these NES Classic Edition systems 12 to some stores and 35 to others causing such a mess that now you have price gouging going on at a rampant rate. GAME STOP in greeneville tn told me when they got more in they would sell them for 200.00!! and that they are selling on ebay for that because of this mess. It is an outrage to be so completely mismanaged as Nintendo is to allow such price gouging to go on on a 59.99 system. I am outraged and intent to spread your ill management of the release of this product as far and wide as I can!!! Best Buy in Knoxville tennessee just told me they only got 35 systems in and sold out before they even opened the store that day. In a city the size of Knoxville???? 35 systems...what is wrong with this picture??


Jun 4, 2012
Who cares about 4k output? You do realize that the original ran in 256x240 right? Doing output at 4k just means your doing 10 times as much work for the same result.

You're misunderstanding. It's not scaling to the 4K screen, rather than upscaling it's just a small 1080p rectangle in the middle.
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