Question Nissan T30 fuel pump - jump start


Have my old Nissan X-trail 2001 (T30, 2l gasoline) model in my garage. Couple of years back, the engine failed (repair cost >> marked value) so I've had my time disassembling as much as possible for sale locally.

Now, I've gained access to the fuel pump and there are still some liter of gasoline to get rid of before I hand it over to the scrap yard.

I've drafted a rudimentary schematic of the fuel pump connector. Based on this, my best guess is that +12V at pin1 and 0V at pin3 is what it takes to make the pump motor to run.

However - since I cannot find any schematic online for this pump, I can never be absolute sure this is indeed the correct way to jump-start the pump. Heck - the yellow wire to the Bosch computer can be anything (who knows until the pump is up in the light and can be examined).

If somebody have insight in this, please share your knowledge.
  • Does it harm the fuel pump if reversed polarity ?

Thanks in advance
There are MANY checks and protections for any electric fuel pump enabled vehicle. It may be that without an engine cranking signal or ground from the PCM, it might not ever pump. The easiest thing to do would be to drop the fuel tank completely or if there is an access panel for it through the rear cargo area, and use either a cheap electric pump or even simply siphon the tank dry.

Honestly, in all my years of selling abandoned vehicles at my shop or due to other reasons, I've never once had a salvage yard refuse to take a vehicle because the tank wasn't fully empty. They generally will right away either punch a hole in it or drain it themselves but in truth an empty tank is a LOT more dangerous anyhow because an empty tank will still have fumes in it and will explode, while one with fuel in it will just burn. A burning gas tank is much easier to manage than an exploding one.

I'd give you a copy of the wiring diagrams, but unfortunately this model was never sold in the US so my Alldata does not have a listing for it. Looking at the diagram here, which isn't the greatest, it looks to me like power comes in through pin 1 and ground is achieved through pin 3, just as you say.