No 8 pin connector in my psu


May 18, 2009
Hi there!

I'm currently assembling my computer and I've run into something of an obstacle. My motherboard (asus p8z68-v pro) has an 8-pin power socket for my cpu (core i5 2500k) but the power supply (corsair tx650) that I kept from my previous rig doesn't have an 8-pin power connector.
It has two 4-pin power connectors though,so is it possible to power the cpu by using those two instead of a single 8-pin assuming they'll both fit into the socket? if they don't fit can I get some kind of converter that turns those two 4-pins into a single 8-pin ?
Or am I forced to buy a new psu ? I'd rather not take any risks but I'm also not interested in buying a new psu if I don't have to.


Jul 16, 2011
Plug both 4 pins in. I have a TX750 and that's what I did. They make it that way so you can use what you need. Some MB only have a 4 pin power hook up for the CPU. Both the new and old TX650 say it's a 4/8 pin 12v power connector.