Question no audio at all

Feb 12, 2022
hello guys, i recently changed my motherboard and i dont have audio at all now, i tried to fix that but no i didnt have any luck in that

mbo- asus p8h61 mx r2.0
gpu- zotac gtx 560 ti oc

for sound i am using speaker which is connected with aux cable right in the mbo
the problem is that there is no audio
  • on the taskbar it says that no speakers or headphone are pluged in
  • in the sound playback it says that no audio device are installed
  • in the device manager i can see my speaker when i click show hidden devices, and it says "hardware device is not connected to the computer code 45"
i tried everything, i updated drivers, uinstall them, install them again, and so on.
even the front audio jack is not working, niether the headphones when i plug then in, what can be the problem here?
is maybe audio on the motherboard deffective?