[SOLVED] No audio devices detected, sound isn't working ?


Jul 17, 2019
So I've decided to switch to an old motherboard which could support an x5650 that I had since my processor was really bad. After switching, while I was on linux (EndeavourOS) I noticed that my headset (3.5mm jacks) is no longer detected, of course I used the jacks on the rear panel. Then I switched to Windows and I still have the same problem. Tried downloading realtek audio drivers, nothing works so far.

cpu: X5650 6 cores/12 threads
mobo: gigabyte EX58-UD4P
headset: razer blackshark v2 x

Important note:
it only detects my gpu as an audio output, I have a 1060 6gb. But since I have no speakers, that is quite useless.