Question No audio from motherboard anymore


May 4, 2016
Hi guys (and girls - no stereotyping here)

I have an issue. I have searched the web for hours and hours and tried a million solutions. Now... i give up.

The story short:

I thought i needed an soundblaster A7 soundcard and logitech z906 for my setup, which i then bought.

Then.. i found out i had kids running around in the house and going to sleep in the exact hours i am able to use my pc (who would have guessed).

So, i sold both again, and now - i cant get my onboard audio to work again. I am not a tech guru, but i know my way around the system and system settings. I simply can not found the missing link, i have tried everything in my playbook..

I have uninstalled/installed drivers several times. Even trying generic drivers, realtek drivers ect.
I have even reinstalled windows in suspision that it would be some kind of windows screw up..

I looks to me (as a noob) that the system "thinks" that i still am using the digital output from the soundblaster device. I am not.

I have looked for any software that would be able to tell me if my motherboard is broken, but i cant find anything. Its like the connection to the area on the motherboard is simply non existing.

I have fooled around with building my hardware into my desk and have therefore handled it a few times, meaning that everything has been moved and put together again. It is now back in my cabinet.

Can some of you please help me get forward in this situation.