Question No Audio on AMD Relive Clips unless I restart PC ?

Yosef Marcera

Oct 1, 2020
Usually my instant replays are completely fine and have audio, but after about 2 or 3 consecutive games of VALORANT, suddenly the clips I save all have no audio and will continue having no audio until I restart my whole system. It is really frustrating to know that my potential highlights are suddenly wasted because I didn't get to check if my clips had audio before getting into another match.

PS - I've already posted on AMD's forums about this three days prior to posting here and have received no responses, which is why I've come here.
The audio device you're using with AMD Relive must be set to no higher than 48KkHz, because Relive is limited to that.

There are other possible workarounds shown in this thread.

Other possible solutions here.

There are also other possible solutions I found with my search. Just Google for "AMD Relive no audio fix".