Question No audio output from new mobo ?

Jul 14, 2021
Hey everyone this is my first post here, just having an issue with my 2 month old PC

I built this new PC after my old one crapped out on me

Specs are;

MSI Z390 Plus Mobo
Intel i5 9400F
Radeon RX 580
650W Corsair PSU

Everything was running smoothly up until 2 days ago when the sound suddenly stopped, thought it was pretty odd, unplugged the cord from the back of the PC and put it into the Headphone jack - same problem, no sound at all. I've uninstalled the drivers and reinstalled them to no avail. My PC is picking up sound just not playing it through the speaker's.

The speaker's are the default audio - sound came back for about 5 seconds last night but was full of static before it dipped again.

I'm leaning more towards a failed sound adapter. I bought the MOBO from a reputable store in Australia but there policy is to send it off to MSI which can take up to 6-8 weeks.

I reset Windows just now as I thought maybe a driver had broken but still no sound output.

Any help at all would be amazing, I miss being able to make music



Win 10 Master
thats pretty bad luck.

Return Motherboard OR maybe look at a sound card or a DAC, depends on if its worth the money to save the time.

tbh it sucks they just can't replace it and not need to send back. You shouldn't have to use a broken MB that is only a few months old.

tried to update BIOS? see if that helps?