No audio sound coming from my computer.


Mar 2, 2011
I have done all the checks they all say working did a update on drivers say i have the latest ,
the speakers are built into the screen all conections ok
Just to be sure...
1. Are you using a sound card or integrated audio device?

2. Have you connected the monitor speakers (usually a green-colored plug) into the motherboard or sound card?

3. If you're using a Sound Card, did you plug the monitor speakers into it?

4. If you're using a sound card, have you checked to see if Windows is still using the default audio device, instead of the sound card?

5. Have you tried using the monitor on a different system to verify that the speakers work?

6. Have you tried plugging in anything else (head phones, desktop speakers, etc) to the audio jack on the motherboard or sound card?

Check the volume settings on the speakers (both on the monitor and in sound manager (also make sure they are not muted) -- try hooking up the wire from the monitor to the headphone plug and the headphones to the connection the monitor is currently using to see if either or both work that way. (helps to narrow down the cause of the problem.)