No Audio Using USB headset Windows 8


Jan 12, 2014
So this morning i decided to update some out of date drivers using Driver Booster. one of the drivers that needed to be updated was an audio driver. After the update and reboot i no longer hear sound coming from my headset. Headset is not recognized at all. I believe its being recognized as Speakers (VIA HD Audio(Win8.1)). But no sound at all. Headset is a Turtle Beach Ear Force X12. Please help.
many systems have several sound sources, when you update the driver of the one you are using, the old driver is removed and at that time windows may make another driver the default sound source. When you install the new driver you will want to make that the default sound source.

you might want to got into control panel (windows key+ x, then type P), select hardware and sound, select device manager, look on the list and find sound, video and game controllers. And disable any sound sources you never use.
for example I disable AMD high Definition Audio Device ( this is sound support via the graphics card that goes out my HDMI or Display port cable, and I don't have any speakers in my monitor)

you then want to select control panel->hardware and sound-> manage audio devices
it should show you a list of audio sources on your machine, select the one you want, configure it and set it as the default.
you can also do this by right clicking the speaker icon on the lower right of the screen (next to the time and date)
on the task bar, and select playback device and change your defaults. (i do this sometimes when I change from main speakers to headphones and the program I am using does not keep its configuration correctly, and just uses the default audio device)



Feb 8, 2014
I have a simple solution.

If there is have no sound on your PC/laptop after using a USB headphone follow this simple step to correct this problem. Connect a standard headphone to the speaker jack. Test the sound and then remove the plug. The sound on your PC/laptop will be restored.
It will happen again when you use the USB headphone and you will have to repeat the process to correct it.

I suspect a fix is probably needed from Microsoft to correct this problem on PC/laptops running Windows 7 and 8.