No audio, videos won't play in any browser, including downloaded files?


Dec 13, 2017
When I went to work my PC was working fine. However when I came home and tried to play a video on Netflix all I got was a still image of the first frame. Tried different browsers, nothing worked. Then I tried youtube, all I got was an error. I opened downloaded videos, and they wouldn't play for the most part either. When they did, it was very laggy, like 1-5 fps. I opened winamp and spotify, music wouldn't play. I had no audio. So before rebooting I simply unplugged my headphones from my amp and plugged them back in, suddenly everything was working again. wtf? I did find this thread which seems to be the same issue, no answer though.

ALSO.. A few weeks ago, I came home and my PC was off even though I had left it on. When I turned it on the fans started up, then after about 2 seconds it shut off. Then it turned on again, shut off after a couple seconds, repeat over and over. So I unplugged everything except a monitor and keyboard and it booted up fine. I looked through the PC and found nothing obviously wrong inside.. I haven't had this issue since then.

Have had this PC for about 4 years now, never had an issue until these two things happened recently. First one has me completely stumped, though. Anyone know what may cause these?

Specs: Win 10, i5 4690k (OC to 4.6, no voltage increase), GTX 1070, z97x Gaming 5 mobo, 8GB RAM, 650w PSU