Question No Audio with one game (PUBG) after uninstalling V-B Audio Cable

Aug 18, 2019
This one is confusing me. I recently added V-B Audio cable to my computer to help with keyboard click sounds while using voice activation. It helped, and I don't recall adding any special permissions to PUBG or changing any program-specific settings. A couple weeks later, I deleted a bunch of files from my desktop and emptied the recycle bin. V-B's install files were on there I believe, which may be the reason for this problem but I am not sure.

I still had the V-B Audio cable sound device in my available options. I never used it other than when I wanted to use my custom voice attenuation settings. I went into device manager and disabled/deleted the device. I have no problems with any other programs/games/system sounds and I am able to freely move through available audio devices with no issues whatsoever.. Now, whenever I launch PUBG, I have no sound. In-game music and sound is enabled. PUBG shows up in my volume mixer under my active sound device, although strangely, it will sometimes appear in an unused device. For example, my headset is the active sound device and under volume mixer, I have to switch to 'speakers' or my monitor and then PUBG will be seen.

I tried verifying the game files in steam. I also tried uninstalling and reinstalling the game. Windows update installed this morning and still nothing new. I feel like I'm one step from a whole system format now. All I can think of is that I messed something up with my audio codecs/drivers when I haphazardly deleted some V-B Audio Cable files or something. I'll include my specs below:

i7 7700k
16GB DDR 4
GTX 1070
Audio driver: Realtek