Question No Beep, only 2 fans spinning and no image


Aug 13, 2018
I built a new PC today and it doenst boot up.
I have the following components:
Ryzen 7 3700x
Asus prime x470-pro
GTX 1060
Corsair Vangance
16 GB Corsair Vengeance RGB 3200
be quiet system power 11 650w
cooled by a aio corsair h100i platinum rgb 240mm

I have 5 Corsair LL fans mounted in the case and only the two on the radiator are spinning (probably just a coincidence). Those 2 are connected to Case Fan2 and the Pump header. My pump is connected to the cpu pump and the other two are connected to the cpu fan0 and cpu fan1. This shouldnt make a difference at all because as long as there is an cpu0 fan connected it shouldnt interupt the boot.

If i press the boot button the mainboard lights up (just the rgb, doesnt have any status LEDs) The fans light up and 2 of them start spinning. The GPU has power aswell and the monitor swiches to hdmi but doesnt get any images. I tried two GPUs and both didnt show anything. Also there is no beeper sound

This is what i tried so far:
Checked every PSU cable
swiched ram position -> only a single module in first slot
remove unnecessary components e.g. HDD, SSD, RGB hub
rebooting several times
tried other monitor
tried other hdmi cable

What would you recommend me to do? I personally would think that the Mainboard is broken because it only powers 2 random fans and doesnt give any output at all.
I do not have a second mainboard or ram to test.