No "beeps" at start-up, but works fine


Mar 26, 2009
I've built a new system with an MSI K9A2 mobo and phenom processor. It's been running very well for several months but at start-up there isn't any beeps to let me know if there are problems. Does anyone know why this may be and how I can remedy the situation?


MSI's website lists many versions of the K9A2 mobo, but does not seem to have any manuals available for viewing. My guess is you mobo may NOT have any mini-speaker (PZO) on board so there is way for it to make a "beep". Sound can be generated only by the on-board audio chip and fed to external speakers, but that can't work until the system loads audio device drivers. The diagnostic beeps are generated on most boards by a very different system operated directly by the BIOS long before any software is loaded from peripherals.

In my case with a ASUS mobo, its manual said nothing about a beeper, and I never noticed one in examining the board. But when it first turned on I heard the single beep indicating no problem in the POST sequence, so it is there somewhere!