Question No BIOS, black screen, DRAM LED lit, it's not the RAM...?

Jul 25, 2021
I recently bought a 970 Evo Plus 2TB to install in a secondary slot on my motherboard. I went ahead and installed the drive, having to take out my GPU & reinstall in the process. On first boot, it sent me to BIOS, the new drive is recognized, it's at this point that it's possible some settings got reset on RAM & CPU speeds (I know my RAM is only stable at 3,333MHz). After booting, it came to a "Blue Screen of Death," with an error about something like Windows "Headers" or files not recognized (Honestly can't remember), and that it needs to do a recovery. I tried doing such, but it just did the same thing, and I didn't have a Windows bootable on me to try that.

My problem now is that after that, I tried uninstalling the new secondary drive, and now my issue is completely different, and still recurring. It posts to BIOS, but after leaving BIOS, it goes to a black screen, and every subsequent reboot goes straight to black screen with no BIOS at all. Also, the DRAM LED on my board is continuously lit up. I can get back to BIOS by unplugging the computer for a small period of time, and rebooting (or using jumper clear, or unplugging CMOS), but every subsequent boot after BIOS is just a black screen with no BIOS at all. Using the MemOk button goes through all tests, indicated by changing lengths of blinking from the DRAM LED, at which point it reboots and returns to a black screen, with no change.

  • Everything was working perfectly fine for months in this configuration just prior to this.
  • I've already tried using other RAM sticks from another PC which I know works, same problem.
  • I've uninstalled GPU and am routing straight through MOBO display port for troubleshooting.
  • I've tried using a different PSU cable to the wall, same problem.
  • I've undone all OC and configuration in BIOS, no XMP, same problem.
System Specs:
EVGA FTW3 Ultra 3080
CPU: Intel I7-7700K
RAM: G. Skill RipJaw 2x8GB 3,600MHz CL16
MOBO: Asus Prime Z270-A
Drives: 970 Evo 500GB; WD HDD 1TB; 970 Evo Plus 2TB
PSU: SeaSonic Focus PX-750 Platinum
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