Question No boot device found, but boots anyway?


Sep 12, 2012
Hi All,

So i've had this issue for a few years now and i'm pretty sure I know what the cause is, but either way I just thought i'd ask for some input and possible solutions that don't involve a clean Win10 install.

The issue is every time I boot my pc I get the "No boot device found, press enter to continue" error. Then when I press enter it just boots into windows fine, no issues at all. My thinking is that the issue causing the error is an old EFI system partition lingering on the wrong SSD. So I have my OS SSD with the OS/Recovery partition installed but no EFI partition, and an old SSD with the EFI partition on it.
The OS SSD is not visible in the BIOS boot selection so I can't put it into the boot order.

So the advice i'm looking for you think I could delete the EFI partition with diskpart and the pc will still boot or is it not worth the risk?

Its not a major issue as everything works fine, more of an inconvenience having to skip through the boot error every time.

(EDIT) I guess I could just unplug the SSD with the EFI partition on it and see if it boots...i'll try that tomorrow, in the mean time any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated :)


Nov 1, 2012
Umm if the ssd has your windows efi (ntfs primary) partition I would leave that alone.
If the efi gets damaged or deleted by accident.

You are going to have a very long day or night trying to recover stuff from it.
Move the sata connector on that drive to slot 1, let sata 0 have the optical drive.

Depending on your mobo check the boot order selection, and make sure the mobo is able to save the settings.
If the mobo is having problems keeping the settings saved after a long while...

If money is not a real issue at the moment, consider upgrading to a newer mobo if you can.