Question No bootable device found

Dec 31, 2019
Hello i have a problem with my 1 year laptop Acer nitro 5
Intel i5 8300H
Nvidia GTX 1050
8GB of RAM

Last night i was cleaning the fan a bit and i accidently squeeze my fan cable ( to mother board ) with the outer fan (plastic) and it's already tightened with screw.
The cable is fine ( slightly dented ) and the fan is still works.
But at first before i remove the cable from the tightened fan, it won't turned on no matter what and then i reopen the case and realize the fan cable thing.
So i press the power button again an it turned on but it said "No Bootable Device" and i checked on BIOS the hard drive is not detected.
I restarted the laptop, plug out and in the hard drive and turned it on again and still the same.
Strange thing my fan keep running when the laptop shutdown or when i plugged and unplugged my laptop.
so i have to reset the battery with the pinhole below the laptop.

Is the HDD not detected related to the fan problem?
Is it power faulty?

I'm not using any SSD
I haven't tried using different SATA as i don't have another one right now.