Question No bootable devices despite SSD connected (Asus B460-G ROG Strix - Samsung 860 QVO 1TB)

Dec 31, 2020
Hi looking for some guidance and been trawling previous posts ref. the same topic and found no resolution based on two key factors.

As a brief preface the SSD I am trying to use as a boot was previously the boot drive in the older system, has my files on it & I don't have a spare to backup onto before and have checked the drive using an external bay to check it hasn't experienced any loss of data or death from shifting over to the new desktop system which I checked using my work laptop and don't want to lose the data on this SSD.

So the above being said I am in the BIOS and have changed the storage configuration to AHCI SATA controllers are enabled, fast boot is disabled (previously set to enabled which other forums advised to change it from/to) but the challenge im facing I have tried to use the "Launch CSM" as other posts keep saying is the resolution in most cases but the option in the boot configuration section is greyed out and unable to be selected.

What settings am I missing to allow this to be activated and secondly I have created an installation drive using a blank USB I had spare but worry that if I use this it will write over my data and therefore mean I lose my files / programs and furthermore need to buy the OS again... Can someone help as I'm losing the plot a little.... Thanks in advance for any help someone can offer.


Mar 16, 2013
To verify:

This 860 QVO was the C drive in a previous system, and you put it in a new system to try to boot up?

  1. Were there any other physical drives in the old system?
  2. If you put the QVO back in the original system, does it work OK? If so, please post a screencap of that systems Disk Management window
  3. A Windows install is NOT as modular as we all wish it were. Moving a C drive to a whole new system often/usually fails to some leevel.
  4. "and therefore mean I lose my files / programs " - Your files ans system should never be at the mercy of a single drive or system. Thisi s what backups are for.
  5. A whole new system may or may not require a whole new OS license.