Question NO BSOD/PC screen goes black,fan speeded whit heaven but runing both furmark and prime95 at the same time is fine

Feb 15, 2019
As the title says I can run furmark and prime95 TOGETHER whitout problems ,but using heaven benchmark for 5 minute makes my screen go black,gpu fan full speed sound still presents but unable to do anything.
All temp are under 70 celcius(highest ever 67 celcius)

Underclocking the core whit afterburn can give me extra time(I reached 1hour 30 min before I manually closed it).

Just got a brand new ring and ruled out RAM,PSU,CPU,windows 10.
Ryzen 7 1700 ; a320mk ; gt 1030 ; hdd 1TB ; CX450M/MWE 650W.

updating drivers ; memtest bootable file 4 tests passed ; tried to clean out all dust ; windows clean instal ; switchhing PSU ; ,intel stress test ; OCCT all test ; Reapplied all thermal paste
If furmark and Heaven bench mark are stressing different part,one stressing more the core and the other the memory,this behavior could be explained,but I dont know if it works this way.

What is going on?
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