Question No Cable From New PSU fits Fan Controller

May 25, 2021
The case I bought came with its own PSU and Fan Controller. They were both pre-installed. Today my new PSU arrived and while I was installing it I realized that there was no cable that fit the fan controller.

Here is an imgur link that shows the fan controller and the cable that fit from the old PSU: View:

And I believe that this: is the same fan controller.

What should I do? Is there some kind of adapter I could buy?


I presume you mean the red socket in the middle of your photo. The labels on it say clearly it is to be fed from a 4-pin Molex output of a PSU. BUT I can see the mechanical detail of the PINS in that socket does NOT match what a female 4-pin Molex output from any standard PSU can fit. Apparently that controller came with and requires a non-standard connector on the end of the cable that supplies power to it.

Look closely at the power cable that WAS plugged into that Controller socket before you made this PSU change. Look at the other end of that cable. I bet it actually plugged into a common female (with 4 holes) 4-pin Molex output on one of the cables coming out of the old PSU. (OR, it might have come from a SATA output connector.) Just take that old power supply cable, unplug it from the output connector of the old PSU, and connect that to a similar output connector from the new PSU.