No CD boot, floppy fragged



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I have been asked to look at a 7400 for a friend. This, because of age,
didn't land in my lap with OS or REstore disks (if it ever had any). I
did notice that the Win98Se files are stored in c:\windows\options dir.
There was no setup.exe I am thinking that the 7400 probably came with
a floppy that initialised a restore/setup via this dir. Does anyone
know if this is true? Also I can't get it to boot from CD, the bios
allows for this but I can't get it to happen. Is this something i'm
missing? The floppy is no longer a virgin and my attempts to try an OEM
floppy drive failed. I assume your supposed to buy an original spare. I
don't usually play with propriety systems. Any hints welcomed