Question No clue what is the issue


Jan 12, 2017
So, Just about to finish my World Of Warcraft (I wanted to try the game for so long), browsing a couple of pages, Suddenly, everything stops working, mouse not moving, no freezing sound, but everything just froze

After few minutes, the PC turned off with no idea what happened

So I tried turning the PC back on, but. No response, after a couple of tries, it finally boot BUT with a message saying "there is no boot device, please plug in...) i freaked out, it was working with windows a few moments ago, I noticed a few things...

1.My mouse and keyboard RGB LED don't instantly light up like always after pressing the power button (infact, the keyboard led stays on even when the computer off), now it takes like 20 secs to light up and the message show

2.When any drive is plugged the power button takes a few seconds to turn off, if all drives are unplugged, the moment i touch power button it turns off & I can access bios without any problems (but the late light up still occurs)

So I tried playing around with my drives, I unplugged all of the side drives and now only the main one with the OS is there, when I try to power it up it doesn't display anything, when i remove it (no drives plugged) It does display the bios but that's it

Everytime a drive is plugged it doesn't show anything

This is the weirdest problem I've encountered

Here is some info for help:

1.i use HDMI

2.everything is powred and working (cpu fan, GPU)

3. I choosed the mx500 to have my OS because of it's durability and life

4. Nothing displays when any drive is plugged

5.My keyboard and mouse light up very late, which is weird

6. My mobo is quite old (z77-d3h rev1.1) so maybe its the problem

7. My gpu is Gigabyte GTX 760 (2)

8. My cpu is I5-3470 (non k)

9. I didn't update the bios, still on the one it came with

What i think is that something happened in the mobo since its old and like dusty

I need help, i was about to play with my friends for the first time (finally they built a PC)

Thank you for your time (sorry for my bad english ❤)