Question No display after “restart” during fresh windows install .

Jan 13, 2021
Hello and I’m sorry my first contribution to this forum is asking for help

New rig:

MOBO: Asus Prime z390-p
CPU: i5 9400
RAM: Gskill rip 16 GB 3200 CL16
GPU: None(in mail so soon)
PSU: 500W EVGA 80+ Certified
Storage: 500GB Samsung 970 Evo
Case(if it matters): LanCool 205

So here’s how my night went.. built my pc and made sure I was static save and whatnot. After building pc I plugged it in via on board hdmi. The system posted and I got into the bios first try. Thermals were amazing(under 30c). I made sure the system was picking up my windows USB and m.2 storage drives. I left everything default to give it the best chance at a stable install. F10 save and exit. System boots to my usb and I start the instillation progress. It asks where I would like to install so I choose my new m.2 and allow windows to set its reserved space partitions and what not and then select main drive to continue. System starts installing windows(Fast af compared to my last build thanks to the m.2 lol) until it reaches a point around 20% or so where it said it needed to restart.

Now the fun begins.

The system restarts but I never get signal back to my monitor. I sigh and assume it’s windows being windows so I go watch a tv show and come back in an hour. System is still running(fans and such) but still no display. I shut the system down and attempt to reboot.

System turns on, all fans spinning but no display. When I plug the hdmi in to the system the monitor recognizes I plugged it in but idles back to sleep when it receives no output.

Troubleshoot time.

Re installed my ram. No change.

checked all connections. No change.

What else should I try? Since the PC booted fine the first time and was going through install none of my components were DOA hopefully.

Thank you I’m advance..