Question No display after power outage but no status lights


Jan 7, 2018

My dad's PC recently went through a power outage and no longer has a video output. System is as follows

MSI Tomahawk b450 max (arsenal gaming)
Ryzen 5 3600x with wraith stealth cooler
Asus phoenix 1050ti
2x 8 gskill ripjaws 5 ddr4 3600
Corsair cx450m psu
Samsung 970 Evo+ m.2
Samsung 860 Evo data SSD

System worked fine prior to power outage and appears it should be working still. None of the post lights hang after reboot. They go through their sequence and remain unlit. I tested the monitor and cable with my laptop and confirmed it works. Tried swapping ram sticks with each other and alternatively by either of themselves in slot 2. Unplugged and reseated the GPU. Cleared CMOS and tried again and nothing is working.

I no longer have a PC of my own to try and transplant parts over to test them and have no testing units available.

Some things to note. VGA light on mobo does not stay lit even with the GPU out of the system. Idk if this is normal behavior or not but my understanding is without the GPU the system would throw a VGA light. Also, the case lights no longer blink on system start up

Any help would be appreciated


Is the power cord direct from wall to PSU? Or perhaps through a surge protector, power bar/strip, or UPS?

If not direct, try a direct connection.

PSU: Corsair cx450m psu - how old, heavy use for gaming, video editing?

My thought is that some power surge due to the outage may have damaged the PSU.

Do you have a multi-meter and know how to use it. Or know someone who does?

Not a full test as the PSU is not under load. However, any voltages out of tolerance would indicate a problem.

Another path is to swap in a known working PSU of the same or preferably higher wattage.