Question No Display After Upgrade CPU ?

Feb 3, 2023
I have a problem without a solution.
So recently When I installed the new processor(i5-10600) System Boot But No Signal And White Vga Led Debugger Stayed On.

With Onboard Graphic and GT1030 & Rx5500XT Everythig is Fine But With This Gpu(GTX 1080 - GTX 1660S - RTX3070) No Signal.

i5-10600 tested on another system (Z590 TUF) and Just Onboard Worked - but with RTX 3070 getting No Signal.

with 11400 and 10100 On This Pc Everything is Fine - Just 10600 Has Problem.

  • MB Bios Updated
  • Clear Cmos and Bios Option Tested
My System:
Z490-E STRiX
i5 10600
2x8GB G Skill
GTX 1080 / RTX 3070 Ti
RM750X Corsair


Welcome to the forums, newcomer!

MB Bios Updated
For the sake of relevance, you're advised to mention the BIOS version.

RM750X Corsair
How old is the PSU in your build?

i5 10600 Tested on another system(Z590 TUF) and Just Onboard Worked - RTX 3070 getting No Signal
If the processor behaves the same on a known working donor board, then the issue can very well be a faulty/failing i5 processor.